KN 4 Avenue, Kigali


Facilities to our clients

Fire Security

Firefighting system, we have wet landing valves at each fire escape point, smoke detectors, manual call point and hire hydrant at the ground level. We have a suppression fire sprinkler fully automated in parking.

CCTV System

We have cameras at the entrance, lobbies, corridors and Parking. The CCTV system is complete with the recording system, and a storage system with capacity to record 30days of real time events.


For the installation of Air-conditioning units we provide spare breaker in each distribution board where the units can be connected to electricity on each floor. We also have terrace where outdoor units can be placed. We recommend using split type air- conditioning as we do not have enough space where duct can be fixed .


We have tanks that hold up to 10000 liters on each tower and an underground water tank of 570m3 for both domestic and firefighting water tank. We have 3 Sub-distribution boards per tower. At each floor we have 8-ways distribution board for public toilets, lobbies, corridor, and a 6-ways distribution board for offices.


M. Peace Plaza building has a dining hall serving breakfast and lunch; and there are lots of restaurants around including fast food restaurants.


The property has needed certificates for leasing, including a Certificate of Title, fire control acceptance certificate, elevator quality certificate...


We have four standby Generators of 500KVA each to supply the total load of the entire building and We have electrical power sockets rated 13A European and Asian standard.


We have a parking space with ability to handle four hundred and ten (410) cars. For Internet connectivity, we have 2 RJ45 data port per point. And a Rack located at each floor

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